Sunday, June 26, 2011


    Hey guys! I hope everyone has had a great week! I'm just on here to say that if you don't see any updates this coming week, then that's because I will be at camp!! I will definitely post some stuff about it when I come back! Have a great week!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun with mom

My hair highlighted!!
      So, today was amazing!!!! I woke up and read a book and watched Justin Bieber on the Today show!! Then, mom went to the YMCA and I got ready for my hair appointment at 1:30! Yes, a hair appointment!! I got my hair highlighted, washed, and cut the dead ends so that it could grow faster!! I look like a new person and I can't even recognize myself!! I got blonde highlights and they look awesome!! Then, we went to Walmart and got pedicures! Yes, Grammy, I let them touch my feet! We shopped around for a little bit and I got a card for my friend's birthday party that's tomorrow! It's spend the night and I am pumped! Also, tomorrow is my mom and dad's anniversary! They are going out to eat and they will be by themselves because Cole is in Tennessee and I will be at that party! So, I'm sure they are ecstatic! Well, have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A fun filled day of Swimming!

     So, yesterday was tiring and exhausting, but fun! Renee and the 4 kids were coming over to the house and I had invited a friend because the 3 oldest children are boys. To start the morning off, I had to go to the orthodontist...NOT FUN!! I really don't like the orthodontist! My appointment was at 8:00 and luckily all they did was just change my wires and chains. After that, we went back home and tidied up. Then, we went to go pick up Alix (my friend) and brought her home. We played and looked at facebook and then we  got the yell from Cole that they had arrived. We played and then ate lunch! Mom had ordered pizza, which is a very common food and who doesn't like it??? Then, we all put our bathing suits on and went to the YMCA pool! Since all 3 of the oldest children are boys, we played stuff like marco polo and water games. Playing on the water slides was also fun! Unfortunately, the pool did get really crowded and we went to our neighborhood pool which had practically no one in it! After we had had enough of the pool, we went back to the house and played capture the flag outside! It was really fun! Especially with all 7 of us! Soon, it was time to say bye to everyone and then to take showers and hit the bed!! We were all very exhausted but had had a really fun day! Today, we are driving Cole up to Asheville to drop him off with K.D (my grandfather) because he gets his week by himself with them. I go to camp Sunday and I am really excited!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!!!

      First off, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all the Fathers had a great day! I know mine did!! 
      We woke up and went to church! The service was really good! Then, we went back home and changed clothes. Originally, we were going to go out on the lake, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. From home, we went to lunch! Dad wanted Qdoba because it was right by the theater of which we were going to watch a movie! So, we had a delicious meal!!! Then, Dad and Cole watched Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D, while mom and I watched Judy Moody! That movie was great and funny!! After that, we went to play disk golf at a local park. As usual, Dad played the best! Next, we went home! Mom and I went to Walmart to get a couple of things and while we were there, we saw a thief stealing things and putting them into her pocketbook! It was crazy! Walmart people were blocking the exits and searching the whole store for her because after we saw her, she left! Mom and I think she was hiding!!! After our adventurous trip to Walmart, we went to pick up dinner at Midtown! Dad wanted wings so that's what we had! Altogether I think it was a great day!
       Well, I hope every Father had a great day!! See you later!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


         So, it's been forever since I have written..I know!!! But, hopefully this summer I will write a few things every now and then about what I have been doing. We got out of school June 9th!! The next day I went to Grammy and KD's by myself in Tennessee!! We went to Splash Country and had a great time! It's a water park and has so many cool slides! KD rode every single one with me! Grammy and I also went and got nails and toes done which was amazing!! Cole went to camp Sunday, June 12. We picked him up today and he had so many funny stories to tell us! I go to camp Sunday, June 26!! I am so excited!! Lately, we've been swimming at Sally's YMCA!! The new pool looks awesome! They even have a couple of water slides up! So, yeah! I have started the summer with a great start!! I'll post more on events this summer!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching Up

        So sorry that it has been FOREVER since I have posted a new post!!!! My life is crazy busy at the moment. With school and other stuff, it's hard to update my blog all the time. So, therefore I have a lot of stuff to discuss with ya'll!
        If you didn't already know, I am signing up for track at my school! I have already gotten my physical and really, that trip was quite fascinating! So, on a Tuesday (of like two weeks ago) mom had scheduled for me to get my physical at the doctor's office. Unfortunately, I had to get out of school early. But, like a good girl, I went without complaining TOO MUCH!! Mom picked me up from school during our lunch, at 12:30. We drove over to Lincolnton, and on the way, Mom is giving me the HUGEST lecture on to not touch anything! ANYTHING!! Due to the fact that the flu had been going around our school. So, we arrived and Mom signs me in and we find that we are the first appointment after their lunch break. That is exciting because Mom is like, "Okay, we will get in and out and be at home in enough time to pick Cole up from the bus stop." After they called, "Macey Johnston," (which really wasn't necessary, seems how we were the only ones in the waiting room!) we entered the room where they checked your height and weight. I was 5'6! Then they ask me questions like, "Do you feel that you can talk to your parents about your darkest secrets"? I mean, Mom was right there!! I wasn't gonna say no! After she did that, they asked me to take my clothes off. While I was doing that, I overheard the doctor talking to my Mom and saying things like, "vaccines and shots" or "here are some pamphlets on the following vaccines". However, I didn't worry because I knew my Mom wouldn't make me get the shots. Little did I know!! So, the doctor comes back in holding 3 needles, bandaids, and cotton!!!! YIKES!! My Mom then tells me, "okay hun, you are going to need to get only 3 shots". ONLY 3! Bravely, I stick out my arm and she gives me one shot in the right arm and two shots in the left arm. They didn't really hurt. The very last thing I remember doing is getting my finger pricked and peeing in a cup!! Wow, what a visit! Although, I did get $25 for getting the shots!!!
            Track starts March 1 where we have tryouts. They gradually cut people every day until they have  a satisfying amount of members on the team. I'm really excited, though, and all my friends are trying out too!!
            Yesterday, we had school and then my bestie, Hope, invited me, Alix, and Savannah to her spend the night party! we had a blast! We acted out Wizard of Oz (I was a munchkin and the tin man) and played text hide and seek!! It was so much fun!!!!!! I can't wait to do it again!
            Well, I believe that's all for now! I will try to update more regularly now!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Fun!!

       My family had Valentines one day early!! This morning, we went to church and then to (my pick) Olive Garden!! Mom and Dad had some very surprising news to share, are what's better then eating breadsticks and hearing surprises? They said, "Our family is going to think about others today. Macey and Dad are on a team and Cole and Mom are on another. Macey and Cole are going to buy for each other and Mom and Dad are going to buy for each other. Everybody has a certain amount to spend on the person. One rule though, one of the gifts has to be eatable. Sound good?" Cole and I were so excited!!!! We trampled on over to the mall! Our meeting place was Dicks and everyone had to meet there at 1:30. So, Dad and I were off. First, it was mom we looked for. We knew she wanted the Easy Foot, which is something you place in the shower and you put your foot on it and it cleans it for you. So, we went to Macy's, Belk, and Dillard with no luck whatsoever. We then cleared our mind and decided that a charm for her Pandora bracelet would be better. Once again, we went to every jewelry place there was! No one sold Pandora! Then, we decided to look for Cole. Game Stop was our first instinct and for the first time, WE HAD LUCK!! We got Cole a pre-owned wii game (Indiana Jones Lego to be exact). By then, it was 1:30. So, we headed back to Dicks and found Cole and Mom waiting. We only had 1 gift!! We asked if we could have an extended amount of time because Mom and Cole were already done. Then, we headed out of the mall and to Jared's, which is right across from the mall. Unfortunately, Mom saw us leave and yelled, "Ron! Where are you going"? The look on her face was PRICELESS! We laughed about that the whole entire way to Jared's! Guess what! We had luck here, too! The perfect charm was waiting for her! Then we headed back over to the mall and now, we were on a mission...TO FINISH AND GET HOME!! I felt that the Borders cafe was calling our names, so that's where we went. LUCK! We got mom peppermint chocolate bread. By now, Dad and I were absolutely exhausted!!! Our last stop was the Chocolate Factory, and there we got Cole: a ginormous M&M cookie, 3 marshmallows covered in chocolate, and a chocolate bar that had M&M's in it. Right on time, we arrived at Dicks, and found that Cole and Mom were all smiles enjoying some beverages Mom had bought, while Dad and I were exhausted and needing some sort of liquid in our bodies. We all went back in the car, and on the way to the house, we exchanged our food. Mom had gotten Dad a candy apple with nuts and stuff on it, and Cole had gotten me a HUGE peanut butter cup with a heart that said love in the middle. It was all so delicious! Back at home, we exchanged our objects. Mom had gotten dad under shirts and socks, and Cole had gotten me a book that continued the series I am currently reading along with a pink Sandra Bullock watch! Here are the turnouts:

                                           MY AWESOME WATCH!!! THANKS COLE!

                                          MY AWESOME BOOK! THANKS COLE!

                                          MOM'S AWESOME PANDORA BRACELET WITH NEW CHARM!

                                          DAD'S AWESOME SOCKS AND UNDER SHIRT!

                                          COLE PLAYING HIS NEW INDIANA JONES GAME!